Why Do I Need an Estate Agent?

With the rise of the internet, online shopping, DIY home improvements, why do I need an Estate Agent at all?

You don’t!

There, I have just done away with my job and the hundreds of thousands of other Estate Agent jobs around the globe too.

But hold on one second there, fast fingers…

When buying the shopping online, did you have to research the product you wanted?

Did you need to spend time in choosing the right website to purchase from? Did you check if they were a scam site, or if the product was actually genuine?

Did that purchase cost as much as your homes’ value?

This question gets asked so many times and as a way to answer it I thought it best to start with the most simple answer, but the simplest answer is really the one reason why you shouldn’t be selling your own home.

May I also ask, how many homes have you sold and how much face to face selling qualified you for that sale? Would you be confident enough to say you were skilled in the art of home sales?

Of course not, the majority of us aren’t. The first home I looked at, I didn’t even have a clue on what I was looking at. I only saw the things I wanted to see and it was the estate agent who informed me of where I should go next, and what the next steps were.

There are hundreds of thousands of properties on the market right now. So how do you find the best possible value for a home with so much competition?

A £40 million estate is going to attract a far different group of people to the ones looking for a £55,000 flat, and those potential buyers are looking for certain specifics too.

Not everyone is looking for the same requirements either and to know the difference is where the Estate Agent shines.

From the seller to the potential buyer, it is the all-round interpersonal skills of the Estate Agent that drive a sale forward.

That time you save is what an experienced and professional Estate Agent offers in return for selling your home.

Looking at an Estate Agents fee is the smallest part of the deal for anyone who has sold their home knows.

There are the photographs to take, writes-up, the bookings and vettings for viewings, the home appearance and the negotiation. There is the follow-up with Surveyors, Solicitors and even the handing over of keys, to name a few of the tasks involved.

That is all taken care of in the background.

A professional Estate Agent also knows how to guide their clients into their new adventure too. From helping find gardeners, cleaners, removal companies, conveyancers, and even the helping out of staging a home to make it look its best.

Why do you need an Estate Agent?

Because without one, you will be spending far more of your time ‘selling’ your home, instead of focussing on what the whole process is about… The new adventure ahead.

And for that adventure to be a success, using the professional, knowledgable services of an Estate Agent, who cares about you and your home, is one of the many great ideas that the online world cannot replicate in the real world.

Maurice Randall, Estate Agent, Glasgow, Scotland
Maurice Randall

Maurice is a Glasgow Based Estate Agent, working with clients to maximise the value of their homes in the Scottish property market. 

Helping to sell, buy and find homes in and around Glasgow, Maurice is part of making those dreams a reality for clients wishing to move or finding their next home and offers a number of services to support and guide clients to a successful conclusion.