What a Clean Home Signals to Potential Buyers

We have all heard it, ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’.

But how about that saying meaning a lot more money on your home value?

Being clean is one thing, having a clean and tidy home, quite another. Read on to learn what a clean home signals to potential buyers and where to start.

We all have busy lives, weekends where everything happens, and weeks that throw us around on the storms and triumphs of life and we do all that from the comfort of our homes.

I am sure you can relate to days when the ironing is to be done, something distracts us and we are standing the next morning ironing a shirt last minute before rushing out the door. Anyone?

Our homes are supposed to be lived in. There will be marks on the floor, tea spilt on the kitchen cupboards and the odd door frame that has a scratch mark. That is normal life.

We all try to keep our homes tidy when we can. We use the vacuum, do the laundry and bleach the bathroom. Our kitchens are one of the most heavily used rooms in the house and daily we are wiping down, stacking, unpacking and rearranging our goods to fit our busy lives.

So, is that enough when you are selling your home?


Quite simply, put, your normal day to day routines are nowhere near as thorough as the inspector’s eye of the potential buyer in your home.

The potential buyer will walk in and see the dust on the mantle, the shoes in the hallway and the handmarks on the mirror.

Now here’s the strange part. Guarenteed they have similar marks and disorder (apologies to the OCD’s here – you are exempt) in their homes. Fingerprints on windows, laundry baskets full and that dead plant should have been taken out weeks ago, but they aren’t thinking like that at all. They are thinking – New home… must be clean!

So what can you do about this simple oversight so many people make? It’s easy… CLEAN EVERYTHING!

How to Get Started

There is one quick way I would suggest you get started and that is to talk to your Estate Agent and ask if they know of a reputable local cleaning service and have them in for a deep clean for one day.

This will be the best money spent in improving your home. I would go as far as saying, a smaller clean home is better than a dirty home with more space.

Potential buyers will choose cleanliness every day of the week.

Ever walked into a restaurant and been utterly disgusted at the toilets, after you had eaten?

You won’t go back to the restaurant. It signals to customers that if there is no cleaning plan for the bathroom, what chance does this establishment have for keeping their kitchen clean, their tables and chairs clean and most importantly, their food clean.

When you think of that image, think of your home too. Potential buyers walk in to see a clean fresh home and they immediately feel that the house is loved and cared for. That the home sellers have loved living there and they are passing on their prized possession for someone else to care for.

As part of the deep clean, start from the ceilings and work down. Those lampshades need to be dusted, or washed if they are glass. Replace bulbs with bright ones and make sure they all work.

Vacuum the walls…. Yes, you heard me correctly, vacuum the walls as they collect dust from natural particles in the air and dull the paintwork. (Just make sure the vacuum head is clean or it will mark the walls)

Wipe down any flat surface and if you are not going to put your ornaments away, make sure they are dust-free too.

The cupboards next, should be tidied and sorted. (Yes, you are allowed to keep the ‘all-sorts drawer’ but everything else must be orderly.

Pick up shoes, place coats away and tidy stray papers left lying around into a folder of to-dos.

Once you have a good handle on the big items, clean the bathroom, and this includes the grout between the tiles (there are some excellent products to bring it back to white) and especially around the base of taps. (Tip here is to use an old toothbrush)

Then the kitchen, needs the same, and importantly, the oven and hob need a thorough clean.

Now wipe down anything white in your home. It could be the washing machine, the fridge, a cupboard door or a gloss door frame. Everything should be sparkelling.

Now there are 2 final items that must be done with absolute precision.

The Windows must be clean and spotless. I cannot tell you how much light a clean window allows into a home and brightens it up. (and really encourages potential buyers)

The Floors. Finally vacuum and mop the floors so they are clean and shiny.

Do this and it should be easy to keep on top of it while potential buyers view your home over the coming weeks.

This effort will directly translate into a higher value for your home.

You can do it all with a podcast playing, while the TV is on in the background or with your favorite Grunge Band playing their hits.

Quite literally, The Floor is Yours at this point.

Think it doesn’t matter, next time you visit a shopping centre, think about the shops that are a little more untidy and how you view the value of their items as compared to the items from a store like John Lewis or Selfridges.

In the same way, potential buyers will value your home and over something that we all know how to do, we can really make a big difference to the bottom line when it comes to selling our home.

I wrote 5 Quick Ways to Prepare Your Home For Market recently that will really help in getting you started for the exciting new adventure you are about to start on. You can download it today, for free. Just enter your email below and I will send it on to you.

Maurice Randall, Estate Agent, Glasgow, Scotland
Maurice Randall

Maurice is a Glasgow Based Estate Agent, working with clients to maximise the value of their homes in the Scottish property market. 

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