Stage Your Home for Sale in the UK

There are many articles about staging a home online.

Whole businesses exist to support staging your home. There are experts and know-it-alls ready to turn your home upside down to stage it just perfectly.

So should you Stage Your Home or not?

When it comes to selling your home you want to achieve the best price possible. When that first viewer walks in the door, they are your first potential buyer and what they see DOES affect their decision.

In my experience of talking to home buyers, they find it very difficult to see what they can do with a space. Which means… If you don’t stage your home properly or make any attempt at staging it, they can’t see the potential for them.

Think about walking into a shop. What you see immediately decides how you are going to buy and whether you are going to stay.

Some shops make you feel out of place, while others welcome you in.

How about visiting a friend’s home? We all walk in and see what ideas they have for arranging their spaces and we often talk about them and make decisions on how to improve them.

Your home is no different, it is where you live after all and it has come to be naturally staged to be agreeable with everyone in the household. (In one form or another)

This doesn’t mean it is wrong, it means that you know where everything is and the way you like it, a potential buyer doesn’t have that opportunity of understanding the way you and your family think.

They will see your home briefly when they view it. Putting their own ideas of organisation and colour scheme on top of what you already have and make a decision.

There is certainly truth in lighter colours appealing more to potential buyers. It opens up a space, makes it feel bright and airy.


Likewise a deep red ceiling or grey statement fireplace also appeals to buyers if the room is set out right. Potential buyers are looking for how their own furniture will fit with your home, and this is where staging what you have is the best and most cost effective solution to improving buyer interest.

Start by removing the clutter. These are small things like newspapers, magazines, and trinkets.

Look at what family photos you can take off the wall and either replace with more general photos or paintings that match your colour scheme.

Staging your home is not about redecorating the whole house, but rather working with what you have. Click To Tweet

If you have a black room (yes a lot of people like black bedrooms), take the opportunity now to lighten it with white or cream. It will take a few coats, but your potential buyer will see the room as being larger and not smaller which is what dark colours tend to do.

Watch out for rubbish bins in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Keep them empty or remove them if possible. People are curious and always look at what others discard.

Finally, choosing a brighter bulb for your rooms and landings will change the entire feel of your home. Let your home fill with colour and light as the bright light is reflected around the interior.

This is not about redecorating the whole house, but rather working with what you have. Your furniture pieces will have been chosen by you to match the rooms, so display them clearly (not from under a mountain of washing or last nights wrappers.)

If you want help with anything home related, get in touch via the Contact page, and let me know what I can help you with.

Maurice Randall, Estate Agent, Glasgow, Scotland
Maurice Randall

Maurice is a Glasgow Based Estate Agent, working with clients to maximise the value of their homes in the Scottish property market. 

Helping to sell, buy and find homes in and around Glasgow, Maurice is part of making those dreams a reality for clients wishing to move or finding their next home and offers a number of services to support and guide clients to a successful conclusion.