Offers Over Home Report Value Calculator - 2021

How much a potential buyer should offer Home Report Value depends on a number of criteria.

This basic calculator provides a potential buyer with an indication of how much they may offer over Home Report Value in Scotland in 2021.

There is no expectation to offer more than Home Report Value, and the decision is taken by the buyer, who bears all responsibility in making an offer.

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A Word on the Offers System

Many Buyers misunderstand the “Offers Over” system in Scotland and often refer to it as being unfair. That’s not to say it isn’t frustrating. As humans, we are all curious.

A Potential Buyer should only offer what they feel the property is worth and not a penny more. That worth could be the location of a school or family member, it could be the size of the rooms or a sunny back garden.

We all decide what something is worth and pay accordingly.

This is a closed system, unlike an auction where you know the next offer. This makes it fairer, as each buyer is offering what they can and not being swept into hysteria to purchase a property based on ever higher bidders.

Bid the worth of the property to YOU, rather than base the worth of a property on Market trends.


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Note: This calculator is for information purposes and any financial advice should be sought from a Registered Financial Advisor.