April 2021


Maurice Randall, NewsletterWelcome to the Can-Do Newsletter

I am excited to bring you this month’s Newsletter. (a little late)
April has been full of great little gifts. We had Easter and I hope the Easter bunny was good to you. A big shout out to the Supermarkets and Lord Provost of Glasgow for their donations to the Children’s Hospital (See Tweet here), and the Homeless Project Scotland (Twitter Profile Here), and Glasgow Street Aid (Twitter Profile Here) for looking out for those on the street.
There has been the easing of lock-down restrictions, meaning we are seeing more of each other than we have for some time.
The schools have fully reopened and children are returning to continue their education in the classroom. Here’s a huge thanks to all the Teachers who have worked tirelessly to provide online learning classes during the past months.
With the opening of shops and more people on the move again, property prices have soared in Glasgow as there is a current shortage of property on the market to meet the huge demand.
Spring is well upon us now and the sun has been shining. Wishing you all a wonderful month ahead.

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What a Clean Home Signals To Buyers

What a Clean Home Signals To Buyers

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Where I've Eaten

I visited The Courtyard and had a lovely piece of tablet and a chat. They’ll soon be opening with full savory treats as the lock-down eases on the 26th.
Do you know where I was? First to message me gets a coffee on me at The Courtyard.

The Courtyard

Places I've Visited

I had a great walk around the Dams to Darnley. It has a great walk through a wooded area heading all the way to a large open space. Bike, walk, and picnic. It was a brilliant day out.

Dams to Darnely

Local Business Shout Outs

I have had the pleasure of dealing with a number of expert builders this week and have to say they are so busy at the moment. They graciously took my calls, listened, and advised. 
A big shout out to Urban Element, who have now unfortunately moved to the Highlands, and to Andrew Jerdan Contracts who were willing to help out.

A Little Story

Innocent Monsters

June had lost her shoe again, and in the frantic rush to get out the door for the 6.58 bus, meant that there would be a lot rushing for the rest of the day.

Today was market day, and it was when her little stall did its biggest sales. People from all over the town popped down for a catch-up on the local goings-on and to take home some freshly baked bread, with that lovely crispy crust and some fresh fish from the local fishmonger.

There it was, under the pair of jeans she had thrown in the corner on Wednesday after she got back from the stables.

Shoes on, and rush out the door. The time was 6.49 and that meant a quick trot was required to get there before the bus arrived. If it was Gerald or Mike on the number 36, they would wait for her, but any of the others would stick rigidly to the timetable.

Read on…

By Maurice Randall
(April 2021)

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